Client: La Roche-Posay
Agency: Les Poupées Russes

Team: Antoine Pastor
Role: UX/UI Design

Date: 2017

Skin Savers is a training mobile web application intended to Dermo Advisors. Its goal is to rehumanize the learning paths and renew the Customer-Dermo Advisor relationship to boost engagement and give value to the role of Dermo Advisors in real life.


Customer cases

Skin Savers training application is divided in training paths. Each training path is centered around a single customer and is split in 4 steps. Dermo Advisors will learn how to help them save their skin.


#1 Ask & Listen

Dermo Advisors start asking questions to the client to collect clues and get to know her. Then they will be able to meet her needs.

Dermo Advisors finaly met the client needs, they can advise the right routine according to the concerns raised. They are now able to answer to various client's questions.

Now is time to explain the client each step of her new routine and make a product demonstration.

#4 Care more

Dermo Advisors now learn extra lifestyle tips they can give the client and advise her on another range of La Roche-Posay products to perfect her routine.


Boost engagement

Dermo Advisors are encouraged to complete each customer case by getting congratulated and by receiving a score that they will want to improve to progress in the ranking.


Achievements & Leaderboard

Once Dermo Advisors complete a training module, they win up to 5 hearts from their client. Hearts are then transformed to points, and their score allow them to access the leaderboard to compare their level to other Dermo Advisors.

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