Monsieur Big

Client: Lancôme
Agency: Les Poupées Russes
Role: UX/UI Design

Date: 2017

"Do you know Monsieur Big?" is an online game created at the launch of the new make-up range Monsieur Big by Lancôme. It is intended for Beauty Advisors using My Lancôme online training platform.


Do you know Monsieur Big?

Help Taylor Hill discover the secrets of mysterious Monsieur Big to let them fix a rendez-vous.

Taylor Hill receives a message from one of her friends, but it seems incomplete. Help her read the end of the message.

Taylor Hill decide to meet Monsieur Big! Help her find the perfect make-up for her rendez-vous.

Taylor Hill wants to spent the maximum time with Monsieur Big. Help her collect a lot of hearts!

The rendez-vous

Now is time to find Monsieur Big. Help Taylor Hill find him!

It's a match!

Now Taylor Hill knows every secrets of mysterious Monsieur Big, and guess what? It's a match!


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